Product Lines

Top Quality Products for our Top Quality Customers

We are proud to be your local supplier for some of the most well-known and respected restoration and maintenance products on the market today.

Bill Hirsch   This is a short list of the Hirsch products we love to use at Memory Lane Motors:  Engine Enamel, Miracle Rust Remover & Metal Preparation Solution, Miracle Paint, Gas Tank Sealer and Undercarriage Paint

Krown Rust-Proofing   Krown rust protection is a specially formulated chemical application designed to penetrate all seams, weld-spots and crevices to ensure complete coverage.  Already dealing with rust?  Krown cannot reverse the damage but it can significantly slow it’s progress and prevent further corrosion from forming. 

Coker Tires  As your local dealer for Coker tires we can outfit your vehicle with any of their long lasting premium products.  Coker offers various models and sizes to fit any vehicle. For additional information please contact us.

Haneline Gauges  We carry the whole line of custom gauges and gauge panels.  With over 2000 patterns available we are sure to find something suited to your vehicle.

After Marketing Air Conditioning   Memory Lane Motors can outfit your vehicle with top-quality air conditioning systems and component parts.  We stock under-dash air kits and complete heat/air and defrost kits. 

Please contact us for pricing or to book an appointment on any of these products.